How To Homeschool: A Purse-Sized Guide to Getting Started (Tiny Treasures from the Thinking Tree) (Volume 1) by Sarah Janisse Brown

How To Homeschool: A Purse-Sized Guide to Getting Started (Tiny Treasures from the Thinking Tree) (Volume 1)

Book Title: How To Homeschool: A Purse-Sized Guide to Getting Started (Tiny Treasures from the Thinking Tree) (Volume 1)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1517737982

Author: Sarah Janisse Brown

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Sarah Janisse Brown with How To Homeschool: A Purse-Sized Guide to Getting Started (Tiny Treasures from the Thinking Tree) (Volume 1)

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Don't just learn to Homeschool, LEARN HOW TO LOVE Homeschooling!!!!

What is the first step to homeschooling in a way that helps each child to LOVE learning and be self-motivated?

Learn how to homeschool in a fun and inspiring way! Discover ways to unlock your child's desire to learn!

"This little book gets you thinking! It takes you back to your own reasons for homeschooling, before you read all the philosophies out there. It came at a time of burnout. We were just going through the motions of learning but we forgot how exciting learning can be. Whether you are a first time homeschool mom or one who has been homeschooling for 14 years, it is worth your time to get this book and color and think through it!" ~ Homeschooling Mom of 2 Creative Girls

This little book is packed with handy little tips and activities to help you to figure out how to homeschool your unique children, in your unique situation in life. It is small enough to stick in your purse and take with you wherever you go, because I know you are busy, and I wanted to make this book just the right size. Little. Cute. Packed with good stuff.

How to Homeschool

Practical ideas for teaching creative kids in a high-tech world!

Every family is different. There is no "right" way to homeschool. This little book is designed to help you find your own way, to help you understand the needs of your family, to inspire you to get to know your children better, and to learn how to be a good teacher-mom.

There are five keys to learning. Let me tell you all about them! If you understand how the brain works to acquire information, store it, and retrieve it - you will understand homeschooling and how to teach your child well. This book is little,

Here is just one page from this little handbook...

What are the FIVE KEYS to Learning?

Traditional methods of teaching children with desks, textbooks and quizzes revolve around a teacher’s need to control 25 to 30 children all at once. What a difficult task! It is impossible to teach the way children learn in a classroom, but at home it’s easy!

If children can not learn the way we teach we must teach the way they learn!

1.The first key to learning is a spark of curiosity.

2. The second key is a quest for knowledge and information inspired by curiosity.

3. The third key is the emotion of discovery.

4. The fourth key to truly learning and remembering is the spontaneous sharing of one’s discovery.

5. The fifth key to learning is the creation of something new! It takes knowledge, passion, skills and understanding to do this!

This is how all people learn. No flash cards, no grades, no tests, no rewards or punishment is involved in true learning. We easily learn what we desire to know.

"The content is unlike anything I have read so far and gives me, a homeschool mom, an empowering feeling. It encourages me to think about the outcome I want and encourages me to take steps towards it. It offers insight on ways to engage the kids, and simple suggestions to get help everyone look forward to their day. It starts by asking My own personal goals before we move forward. I'm finding by reading through it I am excited to read the next page and work on the next task. I feel encouraged where I am at homeschooling with my family realizing that each family is unique and it's helpful to write it down. It seems the perfect size to carry with me where ever I will go so I can jot down future ideas (for field trips, projects... Etc). I feel something like this would be a perfect gift for beginning homeschool moms (or dads)." ~ C. Mcconnell